" Fruits in motion. "
Most cellular organisms begin their life as a single cell and communicate with their neighbours to decide what to grow. Now, imagine if we could design simulations of the same resilience and complexity as biological life. What would we grow and how would it behave?
Use creative coding to make a playful motion design with a life-like mood.
Self-org. fruits displays fruit in motion in a playful and life-like manner. The fruits autonomously replicate like cells and move about in a realistic way.
Project details
Independent motion design project.
  • Motion design
  • Machine learning
  • Creative coding
  • Video post-production
Project takeaway

The humorous nature of self-org. fruits was somewhat unintentional but ended up being what I like most about this project. The playful movements of the fruits reminds me of cars moving synchronously through morning traffic. The bananas spontaneously spawning is enough to make you smile.

I used a machine learning model called Neural Cellular Automata to produce the movement of the fruits. Photos of trendy fruit patterns were used as inputs. The final result was edited and synced to music in DaVinci Resolve.

An illustrated pattern of yellow lemons on a solid yellow background.
lemons in a jam