" What if we could see what others were searching? "
Most of us search the web with the confidence that what we search will remain anonymous. But to what extent are search engines actually anonymous? What if we could see everything that others were searching?
Create a design to highlight the weird things that people search on the Internet. The design should be able to create a conversation around Internet anonymity or cause one to reflect on their own Internet search habits.
Peek is a website made to emulate a search engine. Rather than featuring a functional search engine, the search text field auto-types and reads aloud Google autocomplete suggestions to highlight how open we are to share our personal information online.
Project details
Three-member web design project.
  • Web design/ UI design
  • Coding
Website link:
🔍 Go to 'Peek' website
Project takeaway

To create the final design for Peek we tried out several different concepts from animated characters to 3D web designs. Ultimately, we chose something that would be most familiar to users and that would keep the humour of the autocomplete results the central focus of our design.

The text-to-speech audio reads the results aloud giving a nice personal feel to the design. It's almost as if you are peering over the shoulder of someone else while they are searching the Web and hearing their thoughts as they type.

Peek search engine displaying in light blue iMac computer sitting on top of a wooden desk.
peek search